Sarawak PKR Wanita shows overwhelming support, political maturity

Haniza (right) and Sarawak PKR wanita chief Norhanim Mokhsen fielding questions from reporters.

KUCHING, September 1: It is important for Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) wanita wing to cultivate political maturity and forward thinking to play an integral role in state development.

National PKR wanita deputy chief Haniza Talha said the women should not participate in sensationalising issues but ask themselves what roles they can play to aid development in Sarawak instead.

She expressed content over the political maturity shown by the state PKR wanita members, who did not resort to personal attacks or sensationalising issues for political traction.

“They (the women’s wing) have shown their maturity in politics. They did not use personal attacks or such but instead asking what is the vision of the party and the new government, as well as roles to be played by the new leadership.

“This is very important, rather than harping on sensational issues that does not contribute to the wanita wing and the development of Sarawak as a whole,” Haniza told reporters after a workshop organised by the state PKR wanita wing here .

The workshop was attended by over 50 delegates from PKR divisions all over the state.

Haniza (seated second right), Sarawak PKR Wanita chief Norhanim Mokhsen (on her right) poses in a group photo with some 50 workshop participants after their programme.

During the workshop, Haniza briefed participants on their roles for the state and the Pakatan Harapan-led Federal government as agents of change for Malaysia Baru in their respective divisions.

She said the women could help the Federal government serve Sarawak better by channeling information on the needs of the people on the ground to their respective Pakatan MPs.

Haniza pointed out that now a Sarawakian, Baru Bian, was among the ranks in the Federal government as Minister of Works, the state’s PKR wanita could assist Baru by channeling information from the ground to make improvements to the infrastructures in Sarawak.

“I hope the wanita will assist him (Baru) in channeling information required to make improvements of infrastructures in Sarawak,” she said.

Haniza assured that Sarawak would not be left behind by the Pakatan-led Federal government, as there had been overwhelming support from Sarawak voters in GE14 last May.

“We are happy that a lot of people see PKR as a choice for their political involvement for the future, becoming part of decision making, so we are campaigning for the people of Sarawak to support us.

“This to ensure we can continue the good work and make improvements to the structure of the party,” she said. — DayakDaily