Sarawak PKR calls for party unity to face Sarawak Election

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KUCHING, July 27:  Sarawak PKR urges its central top leadership to close ranks to prepare for Sarawak Election that will be called in two years’ time.

In a statement, undersigned by Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian and supported by 22 out of the 30 branch chiefs, Sarawak PKR made the call.

“It is time to close ranks and focus on our next mission, which is to win the Sarawak State Election coming up within the next two years.”

“Now that the government has lowered the voting age to 18, and we are trying to encourage the younger generation to take an interest in the governance of this nation, politicians need to set good examples and become worthy role models for them.

“We urge our party leaders and members to rise above the fray and to focus our time and effort on addressing the issues that require our attention,” said the statement.

The statement declared Sarawak PKR’s support for the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

“We support the President and Deputy President to lead the party as they were duly elected by the members of the party. 

“Party elections are not due till 2021 and there are no challenges for any positions in the party currently. 

“As party members, we stand behind the President, the Deputy President, the Central Leadership Council (MPP), and all duly elected leaders of Keadilan,” said the statement.

The statement pointed out that the President and Deputy President should be seen to unite the party as they are the only two persons who can do that. 

“We condemn gutter politics in any form. Those who resort to these deplorable tactics betray their lack of maturity, intelligence and integrity.— DayakDaily