Sarawak Energy proposes RM120 mln substation, MVCC system to boost electricity capacity in Sebuyau

Nazry being interviewed by TVS during a visit to the Asajaya Electricity Substation on June 18, 2024. Photo credit: TVS

By DayakDaily Team

ASAJAYA, June 19: An electricity substation and medium voltage closed conductor (MVCC) system, estimated to cost RM120 million, has been proposed in Sebuyau as part of a long-term plan to increase the capacity of the electricity supply in the area.

Sarawak Energy Rural Electrification general manager Nazry Abdul Latip explained that the utility company has submitted an application for the new substation to isolate the supply source from the Asajaya substation.


“The project would also involve the installation of covered cables using a MVCC system in Sadong Jaya, Sebuyau and the Simunjan area.

“This system can withstand contact with trees without causing any disturbances,” he told TVS when met during a visit to the Asajaya Electricity Substation yesterday (June 18).

Additionally, Nazry mentioned that Sarawak Energy has deployed drones to monitor power supply interruptions that often occur in Asajaya, Sebuyau, and Simunjan.

He said that aerial surveillance has proven effective in identifying the causes of supply disruptions.

“We have instructed our technical team to carry out drone patrols, which detect areas where our equipment needs maintenance,” he added.

Drone monitoring can also identify interference from tree branches and animals that can cause power outages or disruptions. — DayakDaily