Sarawak DUN passes RM478 mln for 2021 expenditures, RM81mln for devt expenditure

Uggah shows the Supplementary Supply (2021) Bill document. Photo: Sarawak Information Department (JaPen)

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, Feb 16: The Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUN) today passed the Supplementary Supply (2021) Bill tabled by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

The Bill’s Second Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure, 2021 sought approval for an additional expenditure of RM478,843,946 incurred by various ministries and departments for which funds were not provided for or insufficiently provided for in 2021.

Apart from that, the Bill also sought approval for the First Supplementary Estimates of Development Expenditure, 2021 for an additional expenditure of RM81,608,762.

Uggah said the amount was required to carry out development programmes and projects in 2021 by various ministries and departments.

The amount required, he said, has been vired from savings among the subheads concerned or advanced from contingencies reserves.

They were for land infrastructure (RM30), riverine infrastructure (RM20), government buildings (RM10), public buildings (RM10), public utilities (RM20), land compensation and residential extension (RM90), urban development (RM2,960,010), industrial development (RM20), rural development (RM20), local authorities (RM10), natural and cultural heritage (RM10), public finance (RM65,704,541), planning and development (RM50), knowledge society development (RM12,185,015), drainage and irrigation (RM758,796), forestry (RM10), social development (RM10), social welfare (RM30), crop agriculture (RM30), agriculture development (RM10), women and family development (RM10) and special projects (RM10). – DayakDaily