Sarawak assemblyman calls for neutrality, questions Education Ministry directive on Palestine Solidarity Week

Christopher Gira Sambang

By Lian Cheng 

KUCHING, Oct 26: A Sarawak assemblyman holds that governing bodies such as the Education Ministry and the Health Ministry should remain neutral in sensitive issues.

To Tamin assemblyman Christopher Gira, the Education Ministry must withdraw its ‘Palestine Solidarity Week’ directive to prevent Malaysian students, whether in the country or overseas, from becoming entangled in “unending feuds” similar to other countries.

He said he totally disagreed with the Education Ministry’s call for public schools to organise activities to show their support for Palestine.

“Give our students their space and time to form their opinions. It is not right to impose your views on them in their formative years,” said Gira.

Describing it as a “bad idea”, he said children and the young generation should focus on their studies instead of being exposed to the conflicts of the world, especially those laden with brutality and hatred.

“We all know what is happening in the Middle East. The conflicts and tensions have been in existence for ages and it is not ending soon.

“Following that, there has been so much bloodshed, brutality and hatred – beheadings, killings and bombings. Is this what we want our children to be exposed to?” Gira told DayakDaily.

He said it was also an unwise decision because Malaysian students are studying in many parts of the world whose support or involvements in the current conflict between Palestine and Israel are quite split.  

“Not only are many parts of the world currently divided in their views, but even the perspectives of people within one country can differ.

“For our students who are studying overseas, they may find themselves in unnecessary situations when the Education Ministry clearly outlines its stance on the matter and when our students obediently follow these instructions,” said Gira who is also Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s supreme council member. — DayakDaily