Salvation Army in Kota Samarahan lauded for caring for children in need

Minos (third right) and other guests pose for a photo with children from Salvation Army Kota Samarahan at a Christmas event.

KUCHING, Dec 17: Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) chairman Dato Peter Minos lauded the Salvation Army in Kota Samarahan for their noble work in managing and caring for children in need in the area.

Minos commended the organisation for sheltering the children and giving them food, drinks and education to have a better life.

In a statement, he revealed that the organisation which cares for 61 children in Kota Samarahan relies on public support and donations.

Minos also cited the officer-in-charge of the Kota Smarahan Salvation Army, Captain Raymond Aloba, as saying that it is a tough job, but it is their duty, and with public support, they can do it.

As such, Minos described the Salvation Army as God-sent and graced by God.

“Imagine a group of highly dedicated people spending their time, money and effort on the care and love of neglected and abandoned children. Not many of us like to be in their shoes. They are great volunteers,”

He also applauded the thousands of Salvation Army volunteers worldwide spread over 120 countries and the organisation’s headquarters in London.

“The abandoned children are children of God like the rest of us and as such they need our care and love,” he said. — DayakDaily