Route change for hydrogen buses during Sarawak Regatta

Infographic showing the temporary route for Downtown Heritage Loop use during the Sarawak Regatta event.

KUCHING, Oct 27: The routes for the hydrogen bus trial passenger service operation will be changed temporarily in view of road closures during the upcoming Sarawak Regatta.

According to a press statement from Sarawak Metro, the temporary route change is effective from Oct 28 to Nov 6.

During that period the free bus service will begin at the bus stop at Jalan Ban Hock near Grand Continental Hotel, for both routes – the Downtown Heritage Loop and the Damai Loop.

For the Downtown Heritage Loop, the bus will not pass the city centre but instead will travel along Jalan Park, Jalan Budaya, and Jalan Badruddin before continuing on the normal route.

For the Damai Loop, the service will begin at the bus stop at Jalan Ban Hock and travels towards Jalan Park, Jalan Budaya, Jalan Badruddin, and Jalan Satok enroute to Damai Central.

The bus schedule remains unchanged – starting from 7.30am daily for the Downtown Heritage Loop and starting from 8.00am on Saturday and Sunday for the Damai Loop.

Details on the temporary routes are available on the Sarawak Metro Sdn Bhd (Sarawak Metro) website and the ‘H2 Sarawak’ mobile application. — DayakDaily