Residents call for improvement in MySejahtera check-out function

A screenshot of a check out function from a MySejahtera app.

SIBU, Sept 26: Many residents here believed the MySejahtera app needs improvement so that they will no longer forget to check-out of premises after checking-in to them.

This new function was made available about three weeks’ ago where users will have to click the check out function after walking out of a premises.

However, at present no penalty is being imposed for those who failed to do so.


An e-hailing driver, Ngu Wu Pau said he forgot to check out nine out of 10 times.

Ngu said though the check-out function is there, the authority has not really informed the public on its actual purpose.

“The authority must state clearly why we need to check-out after we have checked in to a premises.

“Forgetful is one thing but since it looks like it is not compulsory for us to click ‘check out’, it does not compel the app users to do so,” he opined.

Ngu,55, added that the app should have an alarm feature to alert the users to check out.

Meanwhile, sales executive Bede Yii, 55, also concurred with Ngu.

“The app should have an ‘annoying bell’ which goes on until you check out of the premises,” he said.

He however questioned what would happen if the users do not check out as the real purpose of the feature was never mentioned.

“I tend to forget six out of 10 times to check out. By the time I knew (about) it, it was already several hours after walking out of the premises,” he said.

Adding on, a private college lecturer Augustine Siaw, 58, felt that the check out feature is not necessary.

“I forget almost every time I leave the premises. But I check out when I go to the next premises.

“So, maybe nine out of 10 times, I forgot to click the check out,” he said.

An administrator of a hair saloon, Michelle Lai, 25, said when the feature came to being, she was also one of those who forgot to check out.

“But now I am used to this feature and will only forget to check out one out of 10 times,” she said. — DayakDaily