Rare opportunity: Japanese experts in town to bring you into the world of Sake

This exclusive event will feature two distinguished sake experts: Naomi Obata from the renowned sake brewery Tatenokawa and Shuzo Nishimura from the esteemed Kamotsuru brewery.

KUCHING, Sept 18: Goodness Sake Sdn Bhd, Sarawak’s foremost sake distribution company, is on a mission to elevate the sake experience for enthusiasts in Malaysia.

With a steadfast dedication to delivering the finest Japanese sake brands, Goodness Sake Sdn Bhd is a trusted partner for those seeking authentic, premium sake.

Goodness Sake Sdn Bhd is proud to announce its inaugural sake masterclass in Kuching, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Riverside Majestic Astana Wing.

Event: Sake Masterclass
Date: October 2023
Time: 3:00PM–6:00PM (15 mins break at 4:15PM)
Location: Riverside Majestic Astana Wing
Registration: Starts at 2:30PM
Price: Early Promo — RM128 nett per person (until September 20, 2023);
Normal Price — RM168 nett per person
Seats: Limited to 40 seats

This exclusive event will feature two distinguished sake experts: Naomi Obata from the renowned sake brewery Tatenokawa and Shuzo Nishimura from the esteemed Kamotsuru brewery.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sake through tastings and in-depth discussions led by these industry luminaries.

Tatenokawa’s 100 year-vision

Reflecting its tagline of “Working tirelessly to make delicious Sake and become the World’s Leading Sake Brand”, Tatenokawa’s story is one of dedication, passion and an unyielding pursuit of perfection.

With a vision that encapsulates the spirit of “Made in Japan”, the brand has taken upon itself the mission to share the excellence of Japanese Sake both locally and on the international stage.

This vision, born in 2010, has propelled Tatenokawa to reach new heights in the world of Sake.

Kamotsuru—symbol of tradition and excellence

Through history, Kamotsuru is a name that carries profound meaning in the world of Sake. It draws its inspiration from the area’s name, Kamo, which signifies the creation of Sake.

The name “Tsuru” meaning the noble crane, adds an element of reliability and elegance to the brand’s identity. Kamotsuru was founded by Mr Wahei Kimura in 1873.

In 1921, a pivotal year in Kamotsuru’s history when at the National Sake and Shochu competition, Kamotsuru achieved a remarkable feat by dominating not one but the First, Second and Third places.

This achievement cemented Kamotsuru’s reputation for excellence and greatness. It is also worth noting that Kamotsuru’s yeast was recognized for its exceptional quality and subsequently distributed to breweries across Japan, earning the esteemed title of the 5th Association (Kyokai) Yeast.

Naomi Obata—The Certified Sommelier

Naomi is a certificate International Kikizakeshi (Sake Sommelier/Expert), and a Sales Representative at Tatenokawa sake brewery, Yamagata prefecture, Japan.

She studied International Trade in Canada and got her start in the sake industry by working at a Japanese sake brewery in Vancouver.

Naomi’s main goals are to give people great sake experiences and teach them how to appreciate sake, all with a focus on Tatenokawa.

Shuzo Nishimura – The Certified Sommelier & Sake Instructor

Shuzo has established a notable career in the field of Japanese sake, demonstrating expertise and dedication in various capacities.

Shuzo’s professional background include SI (Sake Service Institute) Sake Sommelier License, underscoring a profound knowledge of sake and SSI Sake Instructor License, indicating his capability to educate and guide others in the intricate world of Japanese sake.

Shuzo is currently occupying a crucial position with dual responsibilities managing domestic sales in the Kansai district and Hiroshima area, emphasising their regional focus within Japan and overseeing overseas sales operations in 10 countries, with a primary focus on key markets such as Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

For those interested to attend the masterclass, contact Ms. Lin Lin (016-2016628), Mr. Albert Kho (010 8226108) or Ms. Jun Chang (014 5010821). — DayakDaily