Python in food coma removed from chicken coop

Firefighters remove an engorged python measuring about three metres long from a chicken coop in Kampung Ulu Nyalau, Bintulu.

By Brad Rantayy

BINTULU,Dec 30: An engorged python measuring about three metres long was found curled up inside a chicken coop on Monday morning in Kampung Ulu Nyalau here.

It was suspected the python could not move much as it was too full after having an early ‘lunch’.

Three chickens were discovered missing from the coop by the owner who later contacted Samalaju firefighters for help to remove the reptile.

Upon receiving the alert at 11.51am today, six firefighters led by PBKII Alan Ayuh rushed to the scene which is located about 18km from the Samalaju fire station.

It took them 16 minutes to extract the reptile from the chicken coop.

The snake was later released into the wild safely. — DayakDaily