PRN12: PBK president to stand in Batu Lintang seat, names 6 candidates for Kuching urban, semi-urban seats

Voon Lee Shan

KUCHING, Nov 17: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) has released names of seven more confirmed candidates for urban and semi-urban seats in Kuching for the upcoming 12th Sarawak Election.

Its president Voon Lee Shan will vie for the N10 Batu Lintang seat. 

The other six confirmed candidates are Raymond Thong (N9 Padungan), Teo Kuang Kim (N10 Pending), Lue Cheng Hing (N12 Kota Sentosa), Wong Tun Teck (N13 Batu Kitang), Chai Kueh Khun (N14 Batu Kawah) and Atet Dego (N17 Stakan).


Voon, in a press statement today, also called for suitable individuals to contest under the party’s ticket for the N5 Demak Laut and N7 Samariang seats. 

“We only have these two seats under the Kuching Division which have not been filled. 

“All nine Bidayuh majority seats have been filled by a good team of professionals including scientists, engineers and educationists whose names will be released soon,” he said.

The constituencies are N1 Opar, N2 Tasik Biru, N3 Tanjong Datu, N18 Serembu, N19 Mambong, N20 Tarat, N21 Tebedu, N22 Kedup and N23 Bukit Semuja.

Voon also confirmed that the list of PBK candidates, which was released by party deputy president Peli Aron yesterday, would stand in eight constituencies under the Simanggang and Betong Divisions. 

The constituencies are N27 Sebuyau (Wan Chee Wan Mahjar), N28 Lingga (Baha Iman), N29 Beting Maro (Jackie Chiew), N30 Balai Ringin (Kasim Mana), N31 Bukit Begunan (Marcus Kayong), N32 Simanggang (Peli Aron), N33 Engkilili (Stel Datu) and N34 Batang Ai (Usop Asun).

“The party will release the names of the candidates for this coming election in stages at the appropriate time,” he added. 

Voon expressed confidence that PBK  with its vision to seek freedom and independence for Sarawak from the Federation of Malaysia will create a huge impact to change the political scenario for Sarawak.

“We are looking forward to supporters to stay strong behind the party to capture the Sarawak government. Almost all whom we met on the ground want to see Sarawak become free and independent from the Federation of Malaysia.

“We call on supporters to render help to the party and to the candidates in whatever way they think proper and are able to help including providing logistics, manpower and funds for the elections,” he said. — DayakDaily