Political pundit backs Prime Minister’s stance against violence, extremism threatening national security

Dato Peter Minos

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, May 22: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s resolute commitment to act against extremists and agitators of violence that threaten national security is commendable and necessary.

Highlighting this, Political pundit Dato Peter Minos has voiced his support for the Federal government’s stance and its proactive measures to address any form of violence in the country.


Recent events in Malaysia, including the tragic loss of two policemen’s lives and the disturbing activities of extremist factions inciting unrest, underscored the urgency of decisive action.

Minos rightly characterised such acts of violence as both reprehensible and deeply concerning.

“These senseless violence is bad and alarming. What if the killer is in a theater or in a crowded street or in a public gathering of people event?,” he said.

Drawing parallels with Indonesia’s successful efforts in quelling violence, notably the decisive response to the Bali bombings which killed over 200 people, he highlighted the importance of robust law enforcement in rooting out extremist elements.

“The Indonesian security forces hunted each of the terrorists down across the nation.

“While figuring the psychology behind such violence is one thing, but the paramount objective is hunting them down and uprooting them, like the Indonesian approach to ensure national security,” he said.

Acknowledging the daunting task ahead for Malaysia’s security forces, Minos however expressed confidence in their ability to safeguard the nation.

“We leave it to our nation’s security forces including the police and other law enforcers how to strengthen and maintain security in the country.

“If violence or the trend of violence is not curbed, it would pose grave risks to Malaysian citizens. That’s is why violence must be stopped and exterminated,” he stressed.

In a televised address last night (May 21), Anwar reafffirmed the Federal government’s resolve to combat extremism, following consultations with relevant authorities, including the police and other security team.

On Friday (May 17), two policemen were killed, and another wounded when a masked intruder stormed the Ulu Tiram police station in Johor Baru in the pre-dawn attack.

The following day, two men were arrested when they tried to trespass into Istana Negara. A machete was found in the vehicle they were in. — DayakDaily