Police confirm viral fruit market shooting video did not take place in Serikin

Police discovered that the shooting incident that went viral on social media happened in another country and not in Serikin, Bau.

BAU, April 27: Police have clarified that video footage currently being spread on social media, showing a man being shot at a fruit market did not happen in Serikin, as alleged by netizens.

Following an investigation, Bau District Police chief DSP Poge Nyaon confirmed today that the incident in the viral video had actually occurred in a different country, and not in Serikin.

“As such, we ask the public to refrain from sharing the video,” he advised when contacted.


The video depicts a man being shot multiple times by an individual with a firearm.

Despite claims that the incident occurred in Serikin and was being investigated by local authorities, this has been proven to be false. — DayakDaily