Police claim body slam brawl video occurring at Mile 6 Kuching Central to be false

Still images of the viral video clip where two men are involved in a brawl shared by police to the media.

KUCHING, Sept 27: The Kuching police says the shocking eight-second video clip depicting a shirtless man body-slamming another man during a brawl at the Kuching Central resulting in one man losing consciousness on the ground, did not happen here.

Kuching Police District Chief ACP Ahsmon Bajah has issued a statement close to midnight yesterday to clarify this after police came across the video involving two men fighting at the Kuching Central of Mile 6, which was being viralled through WhatsApp.

“Investigation found that there are no such fight case occurred in the vicinity of Kuching Central, as was portrayed in the viral content.

“Furthermore, there are also no formal reports been lodged related to the alleged incident,” he affirmed in the statement.

A still image of the short video clip of an alleged brawl in Kuching Central that has been shared many times on WhatsApp.

The short video clip was accompanied by the message that read, “Parking dispute in Kuching Central. Died broken spine n head injury. Impulse is the devil. Kepp calm this will not happen.”

Ahsmon urged the public to refrain from disseminating videos or news that are factually incorrect through social media platforms.

He issued a stern warning, stating, “Stringent measures will be taken against any individuals found to intentionally incite fear or unrest within the community.” — DayakDaily