Plagued by floods, contractor wants authorities to look into Kuching-Bau Road drainage system

Flood water overflowing from a drain at a commercial centre along the Kuchng-Bau Road on Feb 16, 2024.

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, Feb 16: A contractor hopes the relevant authorities will look into the drainage system at the light industrial and surrounding residential areas along the Kuching-Bau Road.

The contractor, Voon Boo Chong, lamented that most businesses and residents in the area are affected during the rainy season.


“Earlier, I wanted to meet a business counterpart for my work at a nearby treatment plant but was halted by the flood. We had to cancel the meeting, and all work in progress had to be stopped today.

“Also, I wanted to return to my rented house at Taman Tematu (which is) in the vicinity after the long Chinese New Year holiday, but with the rising water level, I could not.

“It is just frustrating as I have been facing these issues for the last two years,” he shared with DayakDaily.

Voon Boo Chong

Voon opined that the drainage system in the area is not deep and wide enough to accommodate heavy rainfall.

He further lamented the culvert is not big enough to discharge water to the main road drainage, thus causing an overflow of water to the main road.

“I am not a storm expert, but using logic and as an industrial pipe contractor dealing with discharge and flows of water, I see that the drainage system in the area needs to be addressed.

“I believed the relevant authorities have their experts on the matter,” he said.

Voon stressed that the light industrial area is important for the local business community and that such an issue could cause prolonged frustration.

Upon inspection of the area with Voon, the reporter managed to see sections of the Kuching-Bau Road, and the light industrial area was still submerged by water. — DayakDaily

Residential areas along the road to Kampung Tematu submerged by flood water on Feb 16, 2024.