PKR Sarawak urges state govt to repair SK Rh Tinggi in Bekenu

The exterior condition of a classroom in SK Rh Tinggi has deteriorated.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Oct 19: Sarawak PKR is urging the state government to repair dilapidated rural schools in particular SK Rh Tinggi in Bekenu town near Miri.

Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Women’s deputy chief Zulhaidah Suboh in a statement highlighted SK Rh Tinggi as being in a bad condition.


“The structure of the school is worn out, lacking basic facilities, electricity wiring is in bad shape as well as (having) damages (sic) to the school building block.

“We also discovered that the school experienced flooding during the monsoon season.

“Thus, the issues in dilapidated schools in rural areas have not just affected the studies of students but there is an increased risk of accidents in school compounds,” she pointed out.

Rainwater accumulates underneath the school building during the monsoon season.
The worn out condition of the school’s male toilets.

Zulhaidah urged the state government to give more attention to repairing dilapidated schools in rural areas.

She added it will provide a conducive environment for rural school children to acquire knowledge and a comfortable environment for teachers to carry out their duties.

Zulhaidah also called on the state government to focus on people-centric issues rather than preparing for the state election in the current times which are full of various challenges. — DayakDaily