PKR Sarawak: Enact anti-hopping law to prevent elected representatives from hopping

Abun Sui Anyit (file photo)

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, May 30: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak has called on the state government to enact an anti-hopping law for elected representatives to prevent them from changing their political inclination.

Its information chief Abun Sui Anyit in a statement today said stern action must be taken against elected representatives who left any political party and hopped to another political party.


He opined that elected representatives who hopped from one political party to another should vacate their seat and return back the power to the people who voted for them.

“The rationale to enact anti-hopping law is to protect the public and political party from being betrayed by political leaders who put their own interest first.

“Besides, the anti-hopping law will serve to protect those who were affected such as the politicians as well as their supporters and voters.

“Therefore, politicians who are involved in hopping from one political party to another will not be seen by voters as leaders who do not have principles and dignity as they can change their political inclination as they like anytime,” Abun said in a statement.

He believed Malaysian politics is mature enough to undergo development which will be respected by the locals and the people around the world.

On another note, Abun said elected representatives should not use internal conflict as an excuse to hop from one political party to another because a political party has it own rules and constitution.

He said the political party can take disciplinary action against members who were not satisfied with their leaders.

Abun noted those who felt that they have a strong support can contest for a position in the party’s general assembly.

He also asserted that there were provisions in a political party which specified that a political leader could be expelled from the party’s extraordinary general assembly. -DayakDaily