PKR Sarawak continues to haemorrhage leaders, members

PKR Lubok Antu committee members deciding whether they should remain in the party. Photo supplied.

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, May 28: A fresh wave of resignations has hit Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak as senior leaders from five branches announced their departure from the party.

They include three branch chairmen — PKR Lubok Antu permanent chairman Enggang Sandom, PKR Marudi chairman Engga Bejeng and acting PKR Betong chairman Noel Changgai Bucking — Selangau deputy chairman deputy branch chief Simon Joseph and a prominent PKR Limbang leader Ricardo Osmund Yampil Baba.


PKR Lubok Antu lost many members of its branch committee, including deputy permanent chairman Mulin Siba, deputy branch chief Maling Luna, assistant branch chief Agang Timang, branch secretary Unggeh Babang, the branch treasurer and 14 other branch leaders.

According to a press statement undersigned by all of them, they were all resigning to show support for their former chairman Nicholas Bawin Anggat and former PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian, who is also Selangau MP and Ba’kelalan assemblyman.

“We do so to show solidarity with ‘saudara’ Nicholas in his support of YB Baru Bian. They have been constantly undermined by PKR West Malaysia in their efforts to further the Sarawakian agenda within the national party framework.

“We also resign in protest against the arbitrary termination and suspension of PKR members throughout Malaysia,” the statement read.

For PKR Marudi chairman Engga who is also a committee member of PKR Baram and head of its Sungei Peking sub-branch, the reason for his departure was that there was no ending of crisis due to the party’s internal struggles and there is also no effort to stay united or strengthen the party.

Leaving with Engga were Along Tungkai (Teruking), Francis Ujin (Nabor), James Kaya (Labor) and Chemeling Tinggom (Pengalayan).

Noel Changgai, the acting chairman of PKR Betong resigned from his party post as well as a member of PKR yesterday and made a public announcement today.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Osmund, 64, from PKR Limbang, also made an exit from PKR.

The Bisaya leader who is a social activist stood as candidate for Limbang in the 2018 General Election.

Simon of PKR Selangau left with 11 of the branch leaders including Mathew Vanyui, Ambrose Klang, Jimbai Agan, Sam Mawan, Banyang Tedong, Sengiang Jalai, Ambon Ladon, Muhd Ensali, Sati Banta, Theresa Gumbek and Lily Anem. — DayakDaily