PKR Ng pledges to address flash flood issue, improve infrastructure in Batu Lintang

Ng (left) and Keadilan Kuching Division Chief Dominique Ng (right) announcing PKR's Batu Lintang Development 10-point Master Plan Proposal, at PKR Bandar Kuching branch today.

KUCHING, Dec 15: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate for N11 Batu Lintang constituency Cherishe Ng Phuay Hui has pledged to address flash flood issue and improve existing infrastructure under PKR Batu Lintang’s Development Master Plan.

In a press statement today, Ng said that under the PKR Development 10-point Master Plan proposal for the constituency, she would come up with a comprehensive plan for the upgrading of the road network system in the Batu Lintang area, including constructing a new overhead bridge and widening existing roads to ease traffic congestion problems.

This would include adding street lighting in as many areas as possible to ensure the safety of road users at night and drawing up a strategic plan for the improvement of Batu Lintang’s drainage systems through rebuilding and periodic maintenance of drains and culverts to avoid the occurrences of flash floods.


“I will also continuously push for the realisation of a ‘One State One River’ policy to solve the problems of pollution and flash floods.

“High on the agenda list shall be the reconstruction of Sungai Maong and Sungai Tabuan to put an end to the problems of flash floods and pollution and at the same time converting its surrounding areas into recreational parks as a public attraction,” she said.

In the 10-point proposal, 24-year-old Ng plans to construct a mega food and hawker centre in the densely populated areas of Batu Lintang for the creation of job opportunities and the attraction of tourists, bringing about a boom in local economy.

Apart from that, Ng also pledges to continuously pursue the concept of ‘Combating Crime through Civilian-Police Cooperation’ by appealing to the authorities to recruit more police personnel to address the problems of criminal cases, especially crimes involving house break-ins.

On Dec 18, Ng will face a five-cornered fight against Sih Hua Tong from Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS), See Chee How from Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB), Voon Lee Shan from Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PSB), and Leong Shaow Tung from Sarawak Aspiration Party (Aspirasi). — DayakDaily