PBDS: We will continue to push for Dayak aspirations in Malaysia

Bobby William

KUCHING, Dec 10: Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) president Bobby William said his party will continue to voice the aspirations of the Dayak community both at the State and national levels.

He added that PBDS has never thought of having a Dayak-centric government.

“What we think, is all about representing the Dayaks’ voice in Sarawak and in Malaysia. What is wrong with being ambitious Dayaks, not to mention PBDS, but all Dayaks across Malaysia,” Bobby said in a statement issued here today.


He also urged his supporters to become frontliners, instead of generals who just give orders.

“Let us be the frontliners and do not let other Dayaks who put their high hope on us getting disappointed over and over again with the very decision we make today. The decision we make will chart the future of the Dayaks. The lessons must have been learned unless you have denial intention,” he said.

Bobby was commenting on Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing’s statement published yesterday, highlighting the fact that it was a lost cause for the Dayaks to fight for a Dayak-centric administration in Sarawak.

Masing had claimed that he and other Dayak leaders have tried it not once but twice, in 1987 and 1991, to gain control of the State’s administration but have failed.

For that Bobby said, “I am quite surprised when Tan Sri James comes with such a statement. To me, he is undermining the ability and capability of the Dayaks who wishes to see the Dayaks to take a lead. Is it too wrong for him?.

He also urged Masing to retire and let others lead the Dayaks since he (Masing) had felt that his fight was over.

“Just retire or let’s fight together from the outside and inside the box. Do something for the Dayaks and let the Dayaks be happy with what we do for them,” said Bobby.

Bobby asserted that by admitting defeat, Masing was undermining his own capability as he was one of the Dayaks leaders who had failed in their attempts.

“It is quite wrong for him to make such a conclusion though, he’s entitled to his opinion, but it is just his own assumption and did not represent all the Dayaks community. His opinion on the matter in fact is not less than representing the voice of PRS amongst GPS coalition,” said Bobby. -DayakDaily