Passport photo: Make-up fine, but not eyelash extensions, contact lenses

Makeup. — file pic. //Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, Jan 22: The Immigration Department allows make-up but not eyelash extensions when taking photographs for passports.

A reader, who called herself Sylvia (not real name), related to DayakDaily her strange experience at the Immigration Department here and would like to know what the rules are with regards to make-up when taking photographs for a passport.

She said she went to apply for a new passport last month and was asked to remove her lengthened eyelashes.

“I had my full make-up on that day as usual when I applied for my new passport. But on the spot, I was told that eyelash extensions are not allowed and that I had to remove them.

“I was asked to go to the toilet to do it and to join the queue again so that my picture could be taken.”

Frustrated that it would take even longer time if she were to queue again, she removed her eyelash extensions on the spot.

Even though the issue was solved, Sylvia was curious to find out what are the rules on make-up for passport photos.

“I checked with them and was told that make-up was allowed but not lengthened eyelashes. I was very puzzled.

“Lengthened eyelashes have more or less the same effect as wearing mascara. Why is it that eyelash extensions are not allowed but mascara is okay? Aren’t lengthened eyelashes part of make-up?” she asked.

She said on the same day, another female applicant also faced a strange demand from the Immigration officer.

“The other applicant was asked to remove her contact lenses, which are colourless. She had no choice but to take them out and wrapped them in tissue paper.

“After everything was done, the applicant had to call her husband to pick her up because after removing her contact lenses, she could not drive again,” she related.

Sylvia said it was totally understandable that coloured contact lenses were not allowed as the colour of the eyes was one of the criteria of recognition.

However, colourless contact lenses would not alter the colour of the iris, and she wondered why they were not allowed when taking photographs for passports.

“I hope the Immigration Department can come up with their set of rules and regulations and publish them on its website to help applicants,” she said. — DayakDaily