Nothing but wild allegation: GPS Backbenchers Club condemns Soon Koh’s claim over Undi18 fear

Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) logo (file photo)

KUCHING, Oct 8: It is nothing more than a wild allegation that is not backed by any facts, GPS Backbenchers Club says in condemning PSB (Parti Sarawak Bersatu) president Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh’s remark that GPS is rushing its state election due to fear of Undi18 affecting the election outcome.

GPS Backbenchers Club emphasized that the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government welcomes the participation of youths in the democratic process, enabling their voices to be heard as well as injecting political maturity in the current climate.

“We view that the youth, when given the opportunity, can evaluate for themselves the quality of service rendered by the current state government especially following the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of saving lives and ensuring livelihoods.


“Sarawak is the fastest vaccinated state in the country which has rolled out vaccination for adolescent aged 12 to 17. Starting this month, Sarawak will be administering the Covid-19 third dose or booster dose to the priority groups,” it said in a statement today.

In terms of ensuring livelihood of the people, the Club pointed out that Sarawak is the only State that has introduced a substantial pandemic assistance through the Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang (BKSS), which started with its first package (1.0) in March last year to the seventh package (7.0) in August this year, with a total expenditure of RM5.3 billion.

“The value of this string of packages is the largest given by a state in Malaysia during Covid-19.

“These initiatives have also benefited the youth along with the assistance packages given by the Federal government where they helped tide them over during the Covid-19 period.

“While we ensure the livelihood of the people, we have a duty to uphold the Constitution where an election has to be held after the expiry of the Sarawak Legislative Assembly (DUN). As we know, Sarawak DUN has passed its five-year period on June 6 (2021),” it added.

The Club regretted that Wong tried to blame GPS for rushing the Sarawak Election when the fact is that it should be held as soon as possible so that the people would not have to go into a third ‘extra time’.

As a responsible and knowledgeable political party, the Club said PSB should by now be prepared to face State election and not make baseless accusations against GPS, alleging that the Sarawak government is purportedly rushing the State polls due to fear of Undi18.

“For GPS, we will continue to safeguard the livelihood of the people and we believe that the track record of the State government in managing Sarawak is there for all to see, be it in terms of infrastructure development or pandemic response,” it said. — DayakDaily