No joke: Only RM1 bus fare to travel from Sibu to Mukah, Mukah to Sibu

Three bus companies are currently only charging RM1 bus fare instead of the usual RM22 to travel the Sibu-Mukah route.

SIBU, Oct 3: The bus ticket price to travel from Sibu to Mukah and vice versa is now at a low price of just RM1 effective October 1.

The usual price is RM22 for a one-way trip.

Most commuters could hardly believe it and initially thought it could be a scam.

Sarawak Bus Transport Company Association adviser, Lau Khing Seng when contacted was quick to affirm that it is not a prank.

“It’s true that the fare is now RM1 instead of RM22. We started this on October 1,” he said.

Lau said about three bus companies are charging the new rate.

“We are able to do this as we have the subsidy from the State government. The objective of the government is to promote domestic tourism,” said Lau.

He urged those who plan to go to Mukah to seize the opportunity and to save cost rather than driving on their own.

“If you are driving your car to Mukah or to Sibu, your fuel cost is more than RM20. So why not take a bus when it is also very convenient,” he pointed out.

These buses have a seating capacity of between 28 to 38 persons per bus.

When asked how long this cheap fare will last, Lau replied: “We are not certain as we need to see the response first but we believe it will be quite long.”

However he said since the RM1 fare was started, they have received good response from the public.

Lanang Road Bus Company runs buses daily from Sibu to Mukah at 7.45am, 10am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Buses from Mukah to Sibu leave at 6.30am, 9.30am 12.30pm and 2.30pm. — DayakDaily