New RM2 mln Sungai Muput Bridge completed, boosting connectivity for Kakus residents

Sikie (blue shirt) cuts the ribbon to launch the newly completed Sungai Muput Bridge recently. Photo credit: Ukas

By DayakDaily Team

KUCHING, June 20: The completion of the new RM2 million Sungai Muput Bridge in Kakus has significantly improved road connectivity for 44 longhouses, three schools, and two health clinics in Nanga Tau and Nanga Penyarai.

According to a news report from Sarawak Public Communication Unit (Ukas) today, Minister in the Premier’s Department, Dato Sri John Sikie Tayai said the project will also significantly benefits residents especially in Ulu Anap, Ulu Penyarai, and Muput areas.


“I would like to extend my gratitude to the contractors for completing this bridge in six months instead of the originally planned eight months,” he said.

The new Sungai Muput Bridge is part of the 2023 budget for Minor Rehabilitation and Development Projects, financed by the Forest Concession Area Fund Board (LKWKKH) in Tatau District.

It is constructed after the previous wooden bridge at Sungai Muput was prone to damage and flooding, leading to frequent disruptions in residents’ access to the main road.

The new bridge was fully completed on April 3, ahead of the originally planned schedule. — DayakDaily