Myth of slanted Bau’s Jemus Mountain: Dwarves trying to fell peak chased away by red ants

Mountain view from Bung Jagoi in Bau.

By Ling Hui

BAU, May 23: There was once a village of dwarves who attempted to cut down Jemus Mountain at Kampung Gumbang here, giving it its distinctive slanted shape.

According to a myth shared by 65-year-old Bung Jagoi local guide Juis Megan, the dwarves, referred to as “short people”, tried to cut down the mountain for some reasons.


“This angered the owner of the mountain, who then gathered red ants and scattered them on the ground.

“The short people all got bitten, their skin became itchy, and they eventually left,” he told DayakDaily when met today.

Bung Jagoi local guide Juis.

Juis explained that Jemus Mountain has a cylindrical but slightly slated appearance.

Visitors can hike through the jungle at the mountain’s base, but the summit is not accessible. — DayakDaily