MRCS Kuching chief slams Health Dept for being uncooperative

Datuk Dr Abang Rauf Abang Zen

KUCHING, Oct 4: Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Kuching chairman Datuk Dr Abang Abdul Rauf Abang Zen is disappointed with the state Health Department for not cooperating with MRCS.

He lamented that this had hindered the good work of MRCS for the benefit of the people, particularly in carrying out blood donation drives to save lives.

Speaking to reporters at MRCS Kuching headquarters here this morning, Dr Rauf said this could be because of the endless red tape within government agencies. It could also be because government officers thought that the MRCS or other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were a nuisance.

“We (MRCS) always have problems working with the government people, especially the Health Department. When we approach them, they don’t give us the list (of blood donors) because they said it’s secret. It’s very unfair to the donors. This is making it difficult for us to identify and record our appreciation to them because we don’t have their names.

“Maybe the government people think that NGOs are useless, are busybody and disturbing. But I can say I was a government servant before. Without the people, they (government people) cannot even achieve even 10 per cent of their Key Performance Index (KPI), whether you’re a doctor, director or minister.

“I’m being frank because I’m old and retired already. We have problems with every (MRCS) meeting with the Health Department. They will not give us the list of donors because they think we disturb their work — but we respect them, and we don’t politicise this,” he said.

Dr Rauf reminded the people and civil servants that MRCS was doing all this for a good cause and was expecting nothing in return but the good health and wellbeing of the people. — DayakDaily