MPKS appeals to public not to throw rubbish and waste at roadsides illegally

Some rubbish seen being dumped by certain irresponsible people on a road near a housing estate.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, July 16: Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) is appealing to the public not to dump their rubbish and waste illegally at the roadsides in Kota Samarahan areas.

Its chairman Datuk Peter Minos in a press statement said MPKS is unhappy with those who did the illegal dumping, adding that their act is highly irresponsible.

Thus he called on those who dumped their waste and rubbish at the roadsides to be civic-minded and think about the cleanliness of the community.

“Some unknown people are dumping their waste illegally at some sites in Kota Samarahan. This is highly irresponsible.

“Waste and rubbish dumped illegally are not only eyesores but are bad to health even to public safety.

“MPKS is also unhappy with another lot of irresponsible groups who throw empty plastic bottles and plastic wastes along some of the main roads and estate roads in Kota Samarahan,” he said.

Some culprits throw rubbish at the roadside at Kota Samarahan.

Minos said MPKS has provided rubbish bins for people to throw their rubbish.

Thus, he questioned why certain people in Kota Samarahan do not want to use them.

He asserted that throwing rubbish from vehicles and dumping rubbish at the roadsides illegally are a bad habit and culture.

“Everyone has a duty to ensure town cleanliness. If the Japanese or Taiwanese and the western people can do it as a public duty and social duty, why cannot we do it here?

“So there is no excuse for illegal dumping, indiscriminate rubbish throwing, dirty public toilets, dirty cafe floors, chairs and tables, dirty streets and dirty backyards or backshops and dirty drains,” he asserted.

He said local councils spend millions of ringgit per year for daily cleanup but citizens must also ensure that the public areas are clean.

He believed the public can assist the council to make Kota Samarahan a clean and pleasant place to stay and visit.

Hence, he appealed to the public to work together with MPKS in ensuring a clean and healthy Kota Samarahan to live in. —DayakDaily