Money the motive behind senior citizen’s murder, case now considered solved

Lim (centre) with ASP Joyce Sagai (left) and ASP Soliment Nyian showing the dismantled lorry.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Aug 19: Police consider the murder of George Tang Kee Luang, 60, solved following the discovery and recovery of a dismantled lorry belonging to the deceased and the seizure of a Perodua Myvi with his blood stains inside.

This follows the earlier arrests of six suspects in connection with the case.


The heavily tinted, silver coloured Perodua Myvi is believed to have been used by two of the six suspects to transport Tang’s body to Niah to dump his remains into Sungai Niah after murdering him at Kuala Batu 1 in Kuala Baram.

“From preliminary investigations, we believe the deceased was stabbed in the neck using the knife which the police found inside a house in Kampung Lusut on August 17,” said Miri Police chief ACP Lim Meng Seah in a press conference this morning (Aug 19).

Lim (centre) flanked by ASP Joyce Sagai (left) and ASP Soliment Nyian during a press conference today (August 19. 2019).

Tang was reported missing by his family on June 29.

“After he (Tang) had left his house that morning, he went to Kuala Batu 1 in Kuala Baram (located about 24km from Miri city) to meet with the suspects to discuss further on the payment he was supposed to receive for works he had completed,” opined Lim.

However, instead of recieving payment (with outstanding payment believed to be amounting at RM40,000) , Tang was murdered inside his lorry (three-tonne lorry).

“His body was transported to Sungai Niah using the Myvi and was placed on the passenger seat (back seat),…and we have sent the blood stains sample to forensic for investigations,” said Lim.

The seized Perodua Myvi believed to have been used to transport Tang’s body. Blood stains were found on the back seat of the car.

He added, the motive behind the murder is believed to be because one of the suspects had dishonestly taken cash given by his employer which was meant to pay for a project and due to be handed over to Tang.

Lim said, the murder was premeditated.

A Miri Criminal Investigation Department team together with Sarawak Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK) personnel are currently looking for a blue canvas used to wrap up Tang’s body.

On Sunday afternoon arpund 12.25pm, police found and retrieved parts of a dismantled lorry believed to belong to Tang from a bush area in Tukau.

The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder. — DayakDaily