MoH welcomes MCO extension

Dr Noor Hisham addressing the press during a press conference. Photo Credit: Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

KUCHING, Apr 24: The Ministry of Health (MoH) welcomes the federal government’s decision to extend the Movement Control Order (MCO) period as it would help to further strengthen the efforts to curb Covid-19 spread in the country.

Its director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the extension of the MCO period would also provide a space for the ministry to continue to implement its targeted approach in efforts to curb the spread locally.

“The implementation of the MCO has helped the ministry to implement its targeted approach effectively, where a total of 618 cases of Covid-19 positive has been identified in eight areas under the MCO, so far.


“As such, (under the extended MCO period) Malaysians must adjust to the new norm in their daily life, such to abide authority directives, staying at home, unless for those working the allowed sector and important matters, practice personal hygiene, and also social distancing,” he said.

At the same time, Dr Noor Hisham reminded employers and employees in the food industry, and the relevant economic sector during the relaxation of the fourth MCO to follow the correct practice guidelines.

He said among the practices are avoiding gatherings in crowded and closed areas (such as pantries) and keeping at least 1 meter distance when communicating with others.

“The ministry would also like to urged those involved in the online food industry including the entrepreneurs, food handlers and the delivery service to always practice personal hygiene and follow the guidelines issued by the ministry to ensure that the food prepared for customers are safe for consumption.

“The public is also reminded to always make sure that their food is clean and safe, either when buying or preparing for family consumption,” he added.—DayakDaily.