MCPF Cyber Crime Committee to find ways to tackle Macau scam

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye

KUCHING, Aug 9: In its effort to tackle Macau scam and create awareness among the public, the Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) has set up a special committee to address the problem.

MCPF senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye revealed that the Cyber Crime Committee is being headed by Professor Dr Mohamad Fauzan of International Islamic University and its members include those who have the knowledge and skills in information and communication technology.

“We realise that every day Malaysians have become the victim of Macau Scam including government officials and housewives.

“Students and highly-educated people were also not spared although most of their victims are pensioners who keep their money in bank,” he said in press statement issued here today.

Lee emphasised that MCPF was concerned about the ability of the Macau Scam syndicates to evolve using the latest tactics as well as the latest devices to make their deception more convincing.

“I myself have lodged a police report when my name was used by the syndicate to raise money from the top official of an organisation that I’m the chairman. The syndicate had contacted the victim using a fake email that looked like mine,” he said.

Lee added that he was informed that some of the syndicates now have professional trainers or coaches who keep on improving their tactics so that it would be very difficult to detect or uncover their scams.

“This proves how professional they are as they are always a few steps ahead of the enforcement agencies,” he warned.

MCPF Cyber Crime Committee, he pointed out would get the information and seek cooperation from the police as well as other relevant agencies including Cybersecurity Malaysia to find ways to address the problem more effectively.

He said the committee would also plan various programmes and activities to help raise awareness on Macau Scam and various scams that exploiting the latest technology.

“The public must be cautious all the time and always share information with family members and friends when contacted by the syndicate apart from lodging a police report,” he urged.

Based on the statistics released by the police’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID), there were 4,500 scam cases using telephone calls and short message services (SMS) with a total loss of RM113.11 million in 2017.

Bukit Aman CCID director Datuk Seri Mohd Zakaria Ahmad informed that since 2015, the department recorded about RM2 billion of losses suffered by the victims of commercial crimes including Macau Scam and loan package or investment scheme which did not exist.

As for the six months of this year, the department has received 5,069 reports on cyber crimes involving RM250 million lost to the scammers.

He added that 1,973 individuals were arrested for their involvement in the cyber scams within the same period this year.— DayakDaily