MCO: Roadblocks set up in all districts in Sarawak to ensure compliance to 7-7 Policy

Datuk Aidi Ismail - file pic

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By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Mar 25:  Sarawak Police has deployed 1,500 uniformed personnel to set up 198 roadblocks in all 28 districts in Sarawak.

Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Aidi Ismail told DayakDaily that the police roadblocks operate 24 hours around the clock following the implementation of the 7pm to 7am policy (7 to 7 Policy) by the Sarawak government where after 7pm in the evening, those without valid documents are not allowed to move freely on the road and in other public areas.

Aidi said that inter-divisional travel is not encouraged and Sarawakians are advised to stay home to make sure that the stringent measures taken to control the spread of Covid-19 work.

He revealed that there were no roadblocks half way along Pan Borneo Highway but there are roadblocks at all roads leading to Pan Borneo Highway in every district.

Within town or city areas, he said there is a strict implementation of 7 to 7 policy by the police.

“Those who need to be on the road between 7pm to 7am, whether they are from the public or private sector must have valid documents to do so.

“But for lorry drivers or truck drivers who are transporting food and other essentials, they do not have to have these documents.  They only have to show their goods to the uniformed personnel at the roadblocks,” said Aidi.

He said since the implementation of 7-7 policy last night, police enforcement has been enhanced.

“There was no one going around without purpose or valid documents starting last night.

“People are still allowed to go buy essentials and requirements during daytime, from 7am to 7pm. After that, they will have to stay home,” said Aidi.

Meanwhile, a check on the ground at 9pm showed that within 30km drive around town, four roadblocks were met – two at Samarahan Expressway, one at Jalan Padungan while there was another one at Jalan Kwong Lee Bank.

A check with the police personnel on duty at Samarahan Expressway checkpoint Sergeant Monggi Macha showed that the public have been showing good understanding on the 7 to 7 policy.

He said there have been no members of the public who tried to go back to their villages or going around without purpose after 7pm.

“Traffic has been quite sparse.  Only those going back from work are still on the road,” he said, explaining that some factories in Samajaya are still in operation.

For the roadblock at Samarahan Expressway, he said his shift started from 4pm to 12 midnight, where another shift will take over and be on duty from 12 midnight to 8am in the morning, after which another shift will take over.

The police roadblock here consisted of nine uniformed personnel, he revealed. —DayakDaily