MCC: Travel restricted between Miri city and sub-districts

Adam Yii

MIRI, Jan 25: Miri City Council (MCC) supports the authorities’ decision to restrict movement between the city and various sub-districts as a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19.

During its monthly full council meeting today, the council decided to beef up control measures under its jurisdiction to support enforcement efforts under the current Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and in light of the worsening Covid-19 outbreak in Miri city.

“The authorities have tightened its control to restrict movement of people from Miri sub-districts coming down to Miri District proper. Likewise, the people from Miri District are also restricted from traveling to Miri sub-districts,” said MCC mayor Adam Yii in a statement today.

Under such circumstances, MCC is also strictly prohibiting trading activities of all unlicensed hawkers in the city.

“Miri City Council has been directed to take action to prohibit unlicensed hawkers from trading with immediate effect. These hawkers including those from rural areas, are moving from one place to another where their movements are left unchecked.

“As their movements and whereabouts are difficult to trace and this has given rise the high risk on the spread of Covid-19 in Miri city and similarly, the areas where they are coming from.”

Yii pointed out that these unlicensed hawkers are presently found at various places covering a wide area in Miri city of which the areas are densely populated. As such, MCC is seriously looking into the matter and its enforcement personnel will go around the city to stop such unlicensed hawking activities for public safety.

Meanwhile, Yii also urged food operators and food handlers in the council’s food centres and licensed food shops to strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in their trading places as specified under the current CMCO including wearing face masks, providing hand sanitisers, frequent hand-washing, physical distancing and so forth. — DayakDaily