MCC condemns allegations dog catching team shooting dogs within house compound

Dog snout. — file pic.// Photo: Pixabay

By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, Oct 15: Miri City Council (MCC) denies the veracity of a Facebook post accusing MCC dog catching personnel of shooting dogs within a house compound, which has gone viral online in the last two days.

According to a press statement released on Monday morning, an MCC internal investigation has confirmed that the accusation was completely untrue.

MCC noted that the dog was outside the gate at the time of the incident, which is also evident from the photos posted.

The council said that the accusation is not sustainable logically as they would be unable to retrieve the dog if it is shot within someone’s house compound and questioned what is the point of shooting the dog then if it can’t be retrieved.

MCC also said it has not received any report or complaint about its MCC dog catching teams shooting dogs within people’s house compound. Dog owners are advised to immediately lodge a report with MCC if such a shooting ever occurs.

The council emphasised its dog catching teams are trained and have to comply with standard operating procedures.
There are clear instructions to them to only catch dogs roaming on the streets and in public places and not to intrude into any private compound.

In the mean time, MCC intends to intensify its efforts in Miri, following the latest report from the State Disaster Committee confirming that Miri airport area and Kuala Baram had also detected rabies positive dogs.

In the campaign to bring rabies outbreak in Miri under control, MCC said it would need the public’s full support, understanding and cooperation, and promised it will always place human lives above all else.

MCC also strongly condemned ‘falsehood and slander’ which aimed to distract and frustrate MCC’s efforts to safeguard Miri people. — DayakDaily