Many fear economy will further suffer if another MCO is implemented

Foto fail memaparkan operasi sekatan jalan raya (SJR) di bandar raya Kuching.

SIBU, July 27: Many people are not in favour of another movement control order (MCO) to be implemented unless there is no choice as public safety should be prioritised.

Chief executive officer Dr Hii Sui Cheng welcomed another MCO only if the situation continues to deteriorate and only if necessary in order to prevent a second Covid-19 wave.

He noted that the last MCO had a significant impact on the economy as it disrupted normal business operations.

“Having to deal with another MCO will be a disaster and I can foresee difficulty for many SMEs to survive,” he added.

Thus, he called on all Malaysians to adhere to standard operation procedures (SOPs) and to exercise caution.

Personal assistant Michelle Lai expressed hope it would not be necessary for another MCO to be enforced.

“I don’t agree with another MCO. Because I realise that the MCO caused many employees to become jobless. This makes them fall into extreme circumstances in life,” she said.

She opined a second wave of Covid-19 could be avoided if people strictly obey guidelines in SOPs and urged everyone to not take the SOPs lightly.

Meanwhile, property development company sales executive Pearly Leong fears that the economy might take a deeper dive if another MCO is implemented.

“I don’t agree that another MCO should be enforced. But if the Covid-19 pandemic get worse, there is no choice other than implementing MCO again as safety first,” she added.

Citing Kuching which has turned into a red zone with new cases, Leong opined a situation like this warrants another MCO.

On July 26, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismal Sabri Yaskob revealed the government will implement the MCO again if the number of Covid-19 cases climbs to three digits.

He also said that the recent spike in cases was due to public complacency and not following the SOP strictly. — DayakDaily