Majang: Samalaju needs better healthcare, affordable housing

Sarawak Legislative Assembly Sitting, November 2017

KUCHING, Nov 14: Samalaju assemblyman Majang Renggi wants the state government to build a clinic to strengthen healthcare services in Samalaju.

Majang said the distance from Samalaju Industrial Park (TPS) to Bintulu Hospital is 60 kilometres, and 150 kilometres to Miri Hospital.

“Taking into account the distance, transportation cost and other miscellaneous matters, it is very difficult for the people here to obtain medical treatment. With the increasing number of people working in foreign and locally-owned factories, it has created more job opportunities; therefore it is necessary to plan for a clinic in this area so that people here can have access to comprehensive medical care,” he said in the State Legislative Assembly today.

Apart from healthcare, Majang also raised the issue of squatters in Samalaju.

“I have mentioned this before in the previous state assembly sitting, and I will repeat this again, that it is a very serious issue which we need to deal with promptly. The shortage of various low-cost housing programmes, medium-cost and affordable housing in Bintulu including the Samalaju area has caused an increased population of squatters. These people chose to squat as an alternative to reduce cost of living,” Majang said.

“I am appealing to the state government to provide affordable housing and people friendly homes (Rumah Mesra Rakyat) in Bintulu and Samalaju, particularly along the Bintulu-Kidurong road and Kidurong-Bakam, Miri costal road as a long-term plan to tackle this problem.” — DayakDaily