LPKP Sarawak chairman calls for public transport overhaul in Kuching

Kong (right) looking at a display of bus routes within the Kuching Open Air Market area yesterday (April 8).

KUCHING, April 9: Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP) Sarawak chairman Michael Kong calls for an overhaul of public transportation infrastructure in Kuching, urging standardisation of bus stops and improved passenger comfort.

Kong said this in a press statement following his personal experience using Kuching’s public transport system yesterday (April 8) where he discovered that bus operators used different stops around the Open Air Market here.

“This could lead to confusion among passengers. This lack of organisation and consistency in signage and distribution of information only adds to the frustration of commuters,” he said.

According to Kong, he had also raised these concerns during his recent meeting with Ministry of Transport Sarawak (MOTS) Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin.

“I raised these concerns and emphasised the importance of standardising bus stops to provide clear and consistent information about routes and services. We are actively seeking the assistance of MOTS to address this issue promptly,” said Kong.

He asserted the public transportation system requires better planning and consideration of passenger comfort after learning that the Open Air Market bus stop was situated close to the common bins used by the hawkers—a location that could reduce the quality of waiting experience.

However, he acknowledged the public transportation system’s punctuality as well as the comfort of the buses and encouraged locals and tourists to utilise public transport during their travels.

As the chairman of LPKP Sarawak, Kong advocated for policies that prioritise the improvement of public transportation infrastructure and services Statewide while highlighting the urgent need to improve basic infrastructure and public transportation to boost ridership and its accessibility. — DayakDaily