“Look at yourself in the mirror first”, DAPSY tells SUPP youth chief

Brolin Nicholsion

KUCHING, Jan 7: DAPSY Serian youth chief Brolin Nicholsion has come to Chong Chieng Jen’s defense, advising SUPP and its youth chief Michael Tiang to “remove the log from their eyes first, before removing the dust from their brother’s eyes”.

Brolin questioned what had Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) and its leaders done to improve and bring positive reforms to the education system of Malaysia.

“SUPP has failed the Dayak, Malay and Chinese communities in term of education development as they did not bring any reform throughout the time when they were part of the federal government.

“SUPP deputy president, who is a six term Serian MP, (Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem) and the party has been with the federal government for decades and yet nothing has been done to improve the education system,” he pointed out in a press statement today.

Brolin hit back at SUPP after Tiang, who is also political secretary to the Chief Minister, challenged Chong to follow in the footsteps of former Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik by resigning from the Federal Cabinet.

Tiang claimed that Chong, who is also Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, has failed to fight for the interests of the Chinese community and ought to step down to enable a more capable person to take over.

He also said what the Democratic Action Party (DAP) has done, especially in terms of the country’s education development, was of little benefit to the Chinese community.

Brolin, who is also special officer to Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei, thus advised Tiang to look at what DAP had done for Sarawak especially the rural areas before making any criticism.

“The DAP through its Impian Malaysia programme had implemented several education programmes throughout the country including benefitting rural areas like Serian.

“The programme has helped improve the education level in rural areas and benefitted all races in Sarawak, and not only the Chinese,” he highlighted.

DAP, he emphasised, was a multiracial political party which will fight for the benefits of every Sarawakian.

Pakatan Harapan (PH), he said, was only two-year-old government but it has done many positive reforms for the education system.

“Micheal Tiang, as a political secretary to the Chief Minister, should have advised the state Education Ministry to implement reforms just like what Dr Mazlee Malik has done to benefit Sarawakians,” he added. —DayakDaily