Local resident appeals to police to tighten security in theft-prone areas

The Tabuan Jaya police 'pondok'. A DayakDaily reader hopes for tighter security in theft-prone areas.

KUCHING, August 13: Fed up with repeated petty thefts happening in his house, a businessman resorted to installing closed circuit television (CCTV) with the hope of catching the culprits. His efforts were futile because the thieves wore full-face helmets or masks.

The 33-year-old, who wanted only to be known as Steve, then dumped Tabuan Desa and settled in Tabuan Jaya. But the petty thefts “followed” him. It did not matter whether its batteries, shoes or anything of not much value, once they are left in the car porch or backyard, they are bound to be stolen, he said.

To date, Steve claimed he had lodged between three and four police reports on such cases, but nothing came out of it.

Frustrated, Steve today appealed to the police to tighten security by conducting frequent patrols in theft-prone residential areas, such as Tabuan Jaya, Tabuan Desa, Tabuan Tranquility, Tabuan Heights, Stutong and BDC.

“I understand that whatever is stolen, I would not be able to get them back. Even though nothing valuable was lost, the thing is such cases keep happening.

“I am very much annoyed by the frequency of these cases. But most important of all, I don’t feel safe in my own house, especially during the wee hours,” he told DayakDaily.

Steve hoped the police would take such cases seriously as it could lead to bigger crimes. It also involves public security, he pointed out.

“I am curious whether the police did try to break these theft cases, and if they did, what happened to the petty thieves? What kind of sentences did they receive?

“If they (petty thieves) were caught and just put in jail for 24 hours, there’s not much point. They will strike again,” Steve lamented. — DayakDaily