Landslides due to heavy rain destroys property of residents in Rumah Sebastian Tambi

The landslide which occurred in Nanga Bangkit.

SONG, Jan 26: Some 120 residents of Rumah Sebastian Tambi in Nanga Bangkit, Katibas near here are anxious after a landslide occurred on Monday, damaging property and threatening to sweep away more buildings.

Song District Police Chief DSP Rowney Michael Jalak said today that his party received a report of the incident at 10am on Tuesday (yesterday) from one of the residents who came to the Song District Police Station for further assistance.

“The landslide caused damage to property, including three stores where agricultural goods and fishing equipment were stored.


“The three stores collapsed due to landslides, fell into the riverbank and were swept away by strong currents,” he said.

He said heavy rain over the past few days was the main cause of the incident.

Rowney said no casualties were reported as the location of the store was isolated from the longhouse.

He added that the police and Song Fire and Rescue Station (Bomba) had tried to visit the scene but had to cancel two days ago.

“Currently, we do not know the estimated losses incurred as we have not been able to go to the scene. However we will continue to monitor the situation from time to time and try to go to the location if the weather conditions permit, “he explained.

He added that from the two-day surveillance, the water level in Sungai Katibas, Nanga Bangkit was still high and posed a danger to the surrounding residents. — DayakDaily