Kuching aikido club becomes official branch of Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo in Denmark, sanctioned by Aikikai

Sullivan (right) and Weisgard showing the official certificates recognising KASD as a CASD branch. Photo: Sullivan Cotter (KASD)

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, March 21: Kuching Aiki Shuren Dojo (KASD) under its Sarawakian chief instructor (dojo cho) Sullivan Cotter, is an official branch dojo of Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo (CASD) as of March 2, 2024.

Sullivan of Iban-Bidayuh ancestry revealed that he started practising the Japanese martial of Aikido in 1996 while studying in Germany before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003.

He said that while in Copenhagen, he continued to practise Aikido in-depth at CASD under the eye of Danish Sensei Ethan Weisgard.

“Our close affiliation and the love of the Japanese martial arts spurred not only our working relationship and practising the art of Aikido but also made us friends,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan (right) practising the kumitachi sword with his training partner at DASD Denmark. Photo: Sullivan Cotter (KASD)

Upon his return to Kuching in 2007, Sullivan continued to practise and opened his dojo the same year.

He revealed that he communicates with CASD frequently about his practice and teaching, so in 2016, CASD decided to officially appoint his dojo as their branch.

Sullivan revealed that since then, KASD has kept closely in touch with CASD and Weisgard, and vice-versa.

“CASD officially confirmed our inter-dojo connection by co-signing a document confirming our connection with them in Denmark upon recent my trip in February this year.

“It could have been done earlier but due to Covid-19, everything was delayed,” he said.

Sullivan thanked CASD and Wiesgard for giving him official recognition and making KASD their branch.

“I look forward to our continued close connections with CASD, especially Weisgard, and vice-versa, for many years to come.”

Sullivan performs ‘Ikkyo’ on his training partner at CASD Denmark. Photo: Sullivan Cotter (KASD)

Sullivan added with the recognition, he holds the responsibility for administering the KASD Kyu rankings while Weisgard of CASD will administer the KASD Dan rankings in agreement with him.

According to Sullivan, as an official branch dojo of CASD, KASD is expected to uphold the standards of training and etiquette as practised by the former.

“The rules and regulations as stipulated by our international aikido organisation—Aikikai Hombu Dojo—are to be adhered to at all times with the utmost respect. I am glad that my dojo is under Aikikai, the Aikido international sanction body,” he said. — DayakDaily