KPDNHEP constantly monitors price of chicken and eggs

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KUCHING, Sept 9: With the exception of the main festive seasons in Malaysia, the price of chicken and eggs are not in the list of controlled items.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) clarified that the controlled price of these two items will only be implemented under the Festive Season Maximum Price Scheme (SHMMP) where demand will increase, which will usually put pressure on the price of festive necessities.

According to the ministry in a statement today, they are diligently monitoring the price of chicken in every distribution chain nationwide for the benefit of consumers and traders during the country’s Covid-19 recovery phase.

“In a free market economic system, the price of goods is determined by demand and supply. In the recovery phase with the closing and opening of economic sectors, market adjustment will occur when there is a surge in the quantity of supply and demand.

“As such, the ministry constantly monitors price movements and supply status for the sake of price stability, especially for basic consumer goods by ensuring that there is no price manipulation or unreasonable profit taking among traders.

“Among premises monitored and inspected are public and wet markets; farmers markets; supermarkets; hypermarkets and grocery stores. The data is then collected before being analysed in the necessary reports and action plans such as finding the cause of the increase, implementation of price control and so on,” the statement said, adding that they will not hesitate to implement the Control of Supply Act 1961 and the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 if the situation requires.

The ministry disclosed that their Daily Price Alert Report dated Sept 6 found that the price of standard chicken at the national level has increased from RM8.39 per kg to RM8.47 per kg, with an increase of 0.94 percent (RM0.08 per kg).

Based on their nationwide monitoring at 605 premises selling standard clean chicken, 47 premises or eight percent of the premises have increased the price while three premises or 0.5 percent of the premises have lowered the price.

“In Peninsular Malaysia, the average price of standard chicken is RM8.39 per kg and premises that sells at the highest price is in Pasar Gopeng, Kinta Perak with a price of RM11.00 per kg. At the same time, 40 Tesco Lotuss supermarkets nationwide are selling at a lower price of RM5.99 per kg.

“Apart from that, Pasaraya Mydin Hypermarket in Mutiara Rini Johor Bharu and Family Store in Jasin Melaka are also selling at RM5.99 per kg. Based on monitoring in the Peninsula Malaysia, there are 19 premises that sells at prices exceeding RM10.00 per kg,” the statement said.

The premises are as follows:

Premises in Peninsular Malaysia selling standard chicken above RM10 per kg

In Sabah, the average price of standard clean chicken is RM11.26 per kg while the highest is RM13.20 per kg sold at Chau Sui Teck (Mawar) Sdn Bhd Sandakan.

The lowest price is RM10.50 per kg sold at Semporna General Wet Market and Tanjung Tawau Market

Over in Sarawak, the average price is RM8.69 per kg and the highest is RM12.00 per kg sold at the Sibujaya Wet Market.

The lowest price is RM7.50 per kg, sold at Tamu Emart Miri and Everwin Supermarket Mukah.

Similarly, the Ministry also monitors the price of chicken eggs at the breeders and wholesalers.

The Ministry also advised consumers to use the Price Catcher app to compare at premises near their respective residences for the purpose of savings and planning their purchases.

Consumers can also channel their complaints by providing complete information on the location and premises to KPDNHEP through portal, call center 1800 886 800, email, application Ez ADU, enforcement command center (ECC) 03-8882 6245 /6088 or WhatsApp 019-2794317. — DayakDaily