Kapit to take up more than 100 of 500 Broadband Wireless Access sites to be built in Sarawak

Zaidi (third right) is seen giving the briefing to Liting (third left) in the presence of SMA’s Special Officer Awang Johari Awang Mustapha (second right), SMA deputy general manager Hamadlan Hamdan (right) and SMA assistant general manager (head of corporate services division) Mohamad Irtidzar Razali (second left).

KUCHING, Oct 15: Out of the 523 Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) sites to be implemented in Sarawak by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), more than 100 of them will be located in Kapit Division.

As for Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems, 21 out of 200 sites have been implemented by SMA (Sarawak Multimedia Authority) WIFI SALURAN in Kapit. 

Additionally, under the SALURAN initiative, which is interim in nature until permanent structure are erected and commissioned), 21 out of 150 sites of the Sarawak Rural Broadband Network (MySRBN) have been implemented in Kapit Division.


An additional 14 sites will be implemented soon in Kapit.

This was disclosed by SMA general manager Dr Zaidi Razak who said the Sarawak government is aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by the local community in Kapit.

He assured that SMA, Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC) as well as MCMC have planned to address the issues accordingly.

“Both the Federal and State governments have been putting a lot of effort into tackling the so-called telecommunication ‘uncovered’ areas in all divisions in Sarawak and not just in Kapit,” said Zaidi during a courtesy call made by Kapit District Council chairman Lating Minggang at SMA office here today, in response to the issue of the lack of or slow telecommunications services, which had resulted in over 1,000 Kapit folk signing a petition to demand for better telecommunications services.

The issue was also highlighted by Lating, who demanded telecommunication service providers to treat Kapit folk like their customers in urban areas.

“It is very frustrating to see that the internet and the telephone connection in most parts of Kapit. The reception is so weak that at times you only can get intermittent signals and you have to play a guessing game to make out what the person on the other end wants to say to you.

“Thus, I do understand the dilemma being faced by Kapit folk with respect to this telecommunications issue. 

“The relevant service providers therefore should be more attentive to the needs of rural communities like Kapit, so that they too can also enjoy the uninterrupted services,” said Lating recently, in response to the petition which was sent to Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister and Kapit MP Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi.

Lating pointed out that students and teachers in Kapit also needed uninterrupted telecommunication services as partial online learning continues.

Meanwhile, SALURAN is a Sarawak government’s initiative to provide connectivity to all Sarawakians.

SALURAN (which stands for Sarawak Linking Urban, Rural And Nation) is the Sarawak government’s commitment and drive to ensure Sarawakians in urban and rural areas can have connectivity and access to the internet. 

The ultimate objective of SALURAN initiative is to extend the reach of the 4G network through the upgrading of existing infrastructure and expand the telecommunications coverage to all areas in Sarawak including the less viable areas of Sarawak, a function which was solely managed by the Federal government via MCMC in the past.

MCMC together with SMA is helping to drive the state government’s SALURAN initiative. — DayakDaily