Individuals in home quarantine urged not to delay seeking medical attention if Covid-19 symptoms worsen

Dr Annuar (right) observing students at SMK Agama.

SIBU, Oct 10: The number of Covid-19 cases in Categories 3 to 5 has increased over the past two weeks, says Dr Annuar Rapaee.

In revealing this on a Facebook livestream yesterday, the Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee coordinator said these were cases involving patients with symptoms who reported late to hospital.

“I urge those undergoing home quarantine who develop Covid-19 symptoms or whose oxygen level has dropped to below 95 to report to the hospital immediately. This is to prevent their health condition from getting worse and later overwhelming the hospital facility such as the need to use the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) facility,” he advised.


Additionally those under home quarantine who are not feeling well should inform the Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) at Sibu Indoor Stadium for them to be admitted to the low-risk quarantine centre (PKRC) for closer monitoring.

“Currently we have many places in PKRC ready to take in patients, but not in Sibu Hospital,” he said.

As for students, he wanted them to inform their teachers should they exhibit Covid-19 symptoms.

He said such preventive measures need to be taken to prevent Category 1 and 2 cases from progressing to Categories 3 to 5.

The Nangka assemblyman noted that the increase in Category 3 to 5 cases occurred in the weeks Sept 26 to Oct 2 and Oct 3 to 9.

For Category 3 cases, the increase was from 0.49 per cent (8 cases) of overall cases to 1.09 per cent (10 cases), Category 4 from 0.98 per cent (10 cases) to 2.29 per cent (21 cases) and Category 5 from 0.24 per cent (4 cases) to 0.76 per cent (7 cases).

Dr Annuar said although the overall number of cases has declined in those two weeks from 1,633 to 919 cases, the public need to help to reduce the total further.

“We already have vaccination and MCO (Movement Control Order). All has been done. What we need now is for the Sibu public to help the State record a reduction in cases,” he urged.

He expressed regret that roadside traders at Kampung Datu, Abang Barieng and Kampung Hilir had let their guard down by not adhering to standard operating procedures (SOP) and not wearing face masks.

“I urge traders and e-hailing food riders to put on face masks as every day, we still have cases in Kampung Datu, Kampung Hilir, Abang Barieng and Kampung Nangka,”he said.

He also revealed he had visited classes for boarding students at SMK Agama. The school had reopened on Oct 4. — DayakDaily