Health Director calls on parents of baby girl who died in bus to help in investigation

A screengrab of the viral video, showing the mother holding the baby girl who had apparently passed away in a bus while en route to seek medical treatment for an unspecified condition.

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, Dec 9: Parents of the baby girl who had apparently died while in a bus en route to seek medical treatment are requested to come forth and help in the investigation of the case.

The viral video regarding the incident shows a mother holding and kissing the baby girl on the head as if to bid goodbye.

It is uncertain who was the original video creator as the video has been reposted by many on social media.

The Sarawak Health Department has issued a statement calling for the parents of the baby girl to come forth and help in the investigation of the case.

According to the director of Sarawak Health Department Dr Ooi Choo Huck, the baby girl was three-months old and the mother was on a bus from Kuching to Sarikei on Dec 4.

“The mother noticed that the baby was no longer breathing when they stopped at a bus stop at Jelukong in Sri Aman. The baby was taken to Betong Hospital immediately and was certified to have passed away.

“Physical inspection and radiology tests were conducted. After a discussion between the police, family and the hospital management, a post-mortem was not conducted.

“The deceased was taken home by the family and buried in a longhouse cemetery at Ulu Pakan, Sarikei,” said Dr Ooi.

The statement by Dr Ooi Choo Huck.

He said the department is in the midst of contacting the parents as the cause of death has yet to be determined.

It was reported earlier that the baby victim was 9-months old and was en route on a bus to Kuching from Julau for medical treatment. — DayakDaily