Hairdressers urged to display price list for haircutting services, keep prices reasonable

Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, June 7: Hairdressers are reminded to display prices for their services at their premises upon reopening their businesses on June 9.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Minister Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi in a press statement today emphasised hairdressers are required to display their price list for additional items including haircutting service charges.

Hairdressers may include the cost of purchasing additional items such as disposable aprons, face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer into their price list but are not allowed to overcharge customers for their services.

“I would like to urge hairdressers and beauty salon operators to display the price of each additional item as well as the haircutting charge.

“With the price list, customers will be able to check on the price to avoid confusion,” Nanta asserted.

“KPDNHEP would like to remind that the new rate for haircutting must be reasonable in line with the additional cost born by the operator.

“For example, assuming that the additional items include a disposable plastic apron with a cost of RM3, gloves costing 50 sen and hand sanitizer which costs 30 sen, thus the total additional cost is RM3.80.

“The hairdresser is only allowed to charge customers the additional cost of RM3.80 but cannot impose an additional charge of RM10 to customers,” he added.

Nanta also highlighted that hairdressers and beauty salons are required to follow required standard operating procedures (SOPs), including having workers wear disposable aprons, gloves, and face masks, and maintain a distance of at least two metres between seats.

Hairdressers and beauty salons are not allowed to reuse their towels or disposable aprons.

Nanta noted representatives of the Malaysian Hairdressing Association have voiced their concerns adding that they might impose an additional charges of between RM5 to RM10 due to the higher cost of operations in order to comply with the SOP outlined.

Consumers may lodge a complaint with KPDNHEP if a hairdresser imposes exorbitant charges.

Nanta explained that the complaint can be investigated under Section 14 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act.

Consumers can also make a complaint through the ministry’s portal at, or contact its call centre at 1 800 886 800, or send an email to

The public may also send a WhatsApp message to 019-2794317 or lodge a complaint at any KPDNHEP branch throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Nanta emphasised KPDNHEP understands the situation faced by hairdressers and beauty salon operators who are trying to adjust to the new normal created by the Covid-19 pandemic and that the ministry is prepared to hold discussions with industry players to gather feedback and find a win-win solution.

He revealed that KPDNHEP enforcement officers will inspect barber shops and beauty salons to ensure that operators do not overcharge consumers.

The public may refer to the sections on Frequently Asked Questions and SOPs concerning haircutting services on ministry’s official website at .

Meanwhile, Nanta welcomed the federal government’s move to implement the Recovery Movement Control Order (RCMO) from June 10 to August 31 as more economic sectors including barber shops and beauty salon will be reopened gradually to revive the country’s economy.

Nanta revealed that the hairstyling and beauty salon industry generates approximately RM13.5 billion in revenue for the country’s economy and employs a 74,500 workforce with 160,728 registered businesses. — DayakDaily