GPS trio condemns GE15 candidate for allegedly using racial politics to fish for votes

Seated from second left: Dr Richard, Mohd Razi, Ibrahim and Fazzrudin with others in a group photo taken during the campaigning in Betong.

BETONG, Nov 15: Three Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) assemblymen have condemned a P204 Betong candidate who allegedly attempted to stoke the flame of racial politics to fish for votes among Malay voters here.

The GPS trio – Mohd Razi Sitam (Saribas), Datuk Ibrahim Baki (Satok) and Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman (Tupong), were joining GPS candidate for P204 Betong Dr Richard Rapu on his second and final campaigning round where they visited Kampung Belingan and Kampung Sebemban in Spaoh here today.

Mohd Razi in calling the voters to reject such politics, said GPS offers them the best platform to further strengthen their unity.

“We have leaders from many races in GPS and they have not only complemented but augmented each other’s efforts in the nation- building process perfectly. For Sarawak to continue developing, our unity, harmony and stability are the crucial pre-requisites,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim said exploiting racial issues was akin to playing with fire.

“When it gets out of control, it can be very disastrous. We need to treasure and nurture the strong racial and religious ties that we have enjoyed all this while. This is a privilege unique to us in the country.

“Let us not be influenced by obnoxious political styles brought in from outside the State,” he said, adding that interracial-marriages are now common in Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Fazzrudin in his speech reminded voters that there are about 30 different ethnic groups in Sarawak who all have been living together in perfect harmony and unity.

“But I am sad to note that there is a move to use racial issues in fishing for votes in Betong. This is not only irresponsible but very dangerous too.

“If people are not careful, they can be impacted negatively. Thus, let us all nip in the bud this unhealthy development.

“The GPS will fight ‘habis-habisan’ (with all its might) against any effort to wreck Sarawak’s racial and religious harmony and unity,” he stated.

P204 Betong will see a three-cornered fight between Dr Richard, Patrick Kamis (Pakatan Harapan-Parti Keadilan Rakyat) and independent candidate Hasbie Satar in the 15th General Election (GE15).

The three State assemblmen also said although Betong comprises the State constituencies of Layar, Bukit Saban and Saribas and has been a traditional fortress for GPS, they were not leaving anything to chance.

They were also unanimous on Dr Richard as the best man for the job to represent P204 Betong in Parliament given the depth of his experience as a political secretary at both federal and State levels, his qualification as a trained veterinarian and as a businessman.

There are altogether about 200 longhouses and 24 Malay villages in P204 Betong besides a sprinkling of Chinese households which are located mainly in urban areas. — DayakDaily