Give SUPP the breakthrough in Bawang Assan, Bukit Assek and Pelawan, Dr Sim appeals to voters

From second left: Dr Sim and Chieng together with two SUPP members showing Chieng's election manifesto.

SIBU, Dec 15: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) appealed to voters to help its 12th Sarawak Election candidates wrest three seats from the opposition here.

Speaking at a press conference at the SUPP Bukit Assek branch office today, party president Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian said strong support from the people would help the party make a breakthrough.

The seats are N53 Bawang Assan where the SUPP candidate is Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew; N51 Bukit Assek where Joseph Chieng is standing; and N54 Pelawan where Michael Tiang is representing the party.


“If you give us your support, then we will win. If you don’t, how can we win?” he asked.

Dr Sim said it is time now that voters in these three constituencies give a chance to the party’s three young candidates to serve for five years.

“Give to those who can make things happen instead of to those who can only talk but do nothing,” he said.

He also called on party members to stand solidly behind the candidates .

Citing Bukit Assek as an example, Dr Sim said a master development plan is ready for implementation if Chieng who is the SUPP-Gabungan Party Sarawak (GPS) candidate wins the seat.

The master plan, he said, would shape the future of Sibu’s development as it involves a number of big projects encompassing flood mitigation, urban renewal and polyclinic services.

“SUPP as a whole doesn’t have its manifesto for the election. But Joseph’s manifesto is also Dr Sim’s manifesto. If he does not perform in the next five years (if he wins the seat), we are also not performing. So we are taking the manifesto of every candidate seriously ,” he added.

With Covid-19 situation in the State improving following lower numbers of reported cases, Dr Sim urged the people to come out to vote on Dec 18.

“The (number of new) Covid-19 cases has come down so come out to vote. But don’t vote emotionally. Exercise your right to vote wisely as there have been a lot of rumours and bad news flying around,” he advised.

In view of this, he urged voters to support GPS candidates in the election for a strong government. — DayakDaily