From streets to safety: Homeless mother and son taken to Indonesian Consulate

Lam (right) visiting the Indonesian mother and son who were stranded in Kuching (May 29, 2024).

KUCHING, May 29: A homeless mother and her son at Green Road, were assisted to the Indonesian Consulate in Kuching.

This happened following a visit by George Lam, the special assistant to Stampin MP Dr Kelvin Yii, to the stranded mother and son in Kuching.

In a press statement, Lam explained that upon receiving reports from concerned citizens about the homeless mother and son at Green Road, he and Dr Yii’s service team went instantly to investigate the situation.


It was discovered that the homeless duo are from Indonesia. The mother had brought her son to Kuching in search of employment but was forced to live on the streets due to financial constraints preventing them from renting a house.

“We promptly contacted officials from the Welfare Department upon seeing the photos and videos circulating on the Internet, and together with them, we went to the scene to provide necessary assistance.”

“Through our efforts, Welfare Department officials were able to take the mother and son to the Indonesian Consulate to facilitate their return to their home country.”

Lam further explained that as the mother and son possess valid travel documents, they are not eligible to stay in Welfare Department shelters.

He expressed gratitude to the residents of Kuching who generously extended a helping hand to the mother and son by providing food and other forms of assistance, as well as to those who utilised the Internet positively to address the issue.

Additionally, Lam extended thanks to the police and Welfare Department for their prompt arrival at the scene and for providing essential assistance. — DayakDaily