Floods recede in Belaga area

Aerial view

BELAGA, May 13: Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Sarawak has deployed its air unit to conduct a flood survey in Belaga area this morning.

Using the AW189 helicopter, a team of five from the unit led by aircraft commander Muhd Saiful Samsuddin together with Miri fire zone chief Law Poh Kiong departed from Miri to Bintulu.

Also in the flight were Bintulu fire zone chief Unjar Lum and Bintulu fire station chief Christus Buson.

Through the aerial survey, they found water level at Data Kakus Sg. Burok, Punan Bah Sg. Rajang and its surrounding areas receding. However, the river water level are still high.

The survey also found no villages or longhouses flooded and situation is back to normal.—DayakDaily

Firefighters together with its air unit departed to Belaga for aerial flood survey