First shipment of 1.5 tonnes Sarawak’s premium coloured rice arrives Singapore

Kenyalang Purple and Red Rice Vermicelli.

SINGAPORE, Nov 3: Singaporeans will now have more healthy grains to choose from following the arrival of the first shipment of 1.5 tonnes of authentic premium Sarawak coloured rice sourced from Lubok, Nibong, Simunjan and Bario Highlands as well as vermicelli products a few days ago.

Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (STATOS) manager of Finance, Corporate Affairs, Trade and Investment Kenny Lau said it took them two years to make it happened after identifying the strong market demand for healthy organic rice.

“Since then, we have helped exporters, Antares Ventures, secured an export licence and introduced them to Bountiful Harvest – a Sarawakian-owned Company based in Singapore – who will act as their local in-market distributor,” he said in a media release today.


The premium range of Kenyalang rice chosen for the Singapore market hails from the Lubok, Nibong, Simunjan and Bario Highlands where it is produced using traditional farming methods.

Bountiful Harvest will be focusing on Bario Brown Rice, Bali Keladi Purple Rice, SIA Highland Red Rice and ETEM Highland Black rice as well as purple and red rice vermicelli products.

Sarawak rice gets its unusual colours from naturally occurring anthocyanin which is high in antioxidants and rich in nutrients.

(Clockwise from top left) Etem Semi-Polished Black Rice, Bario Brown Rice, Bali Keladi Semi-Polished Purple Rice and SIA Semi-Polished Red Rice.

Antares Ventures managing director Brendon Kon explained that the company collects and distributes rice cultivated by the local highland Kelabit, Lun Bawang, Bidayuh and Iban communities.

“It is hoped that by opening up new markets we can enable local producers to increase their production which is currently limited to around 500 tonnes a year.

“The Kenyalang range will be promoted as both a premium and healthy-coloured rice with an indicative retail price of up to SGD15 per kilogramme,” he said.

Three varieties of Sarawak rice have already been labelled and officially certified as Geographical Indication due to their unique characteristics, giving them international recognition as premium limited-edition products.

“We are especially grateful to work with the STATOS team to bring our Sarawak authentic rice to Singapore, and now we are going to make it well known in this new market,” added Kon.

Those interested to work with STATOS for trade opportunities can register (free of charge) by emailing to or call +65 9176 8163.— DayakDaily